Tracy is an exceptionally gifted therapist. She creates a relaxed and positive environment to engage in the process of improving personal wellness. She is working with me to correct an increasingly debilitating hip problem that was taking away my interest in any type of physical activity. Not only is the pain less with each visit but I have a personalized strengthening program to correct the problem moving forward. 

…David, Melrose, MA

I am unable to describe how much and how often Tracy has helped me heal from various physical injuries. I first started seeing her when I had injured my rotator cuff from coaching my son’s baseball team.  Through her help and regularly doing the exercises she assigned me, I was able to overcome that injury and avoid surgery.  She has helped me overcome a chronic patella tendon injury by showing me proper ways to exercise and strengthen the muscles around it.  I have also consulted with her on TMJ pain, and again through exercises she showed me, I was able to heal from that.  Tracy’s methods are a great mix of therapy along with knowing what best exercises to assign to a patient for them to help themselves beyond her treatment. I am happy to say that I am currently able to engage in regular weight workouts and running with little to no pain in the areas she has helped me with.

…Matthew, Melrose, MA

Working with Tracy saved me postpartum. I experienced brutal back pain and was overwhelmed by the idea of leaving the home with a newborn to get outpatient PT.  Tracy traveled to my home and worked with me until I was no longer in pain and was able to regain my strength. Tracy has a unique combination of being action-oriented, friendly, non-judgmental and incredibly helpful.  Tracy is a consummate professional, she always remembers what we have discussed, sends amazing follow-up plans, is COVID-conscious and always arrives on time. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Tracy’s services and I feel grateful that I get to work with her.

…Lia, Charlestown, MA

I sought Tracy’s physical therapy services for pain in my right knee. It was such a convenient and professional experience. Tracy conducted a thorough and complete examination of my entire lower body both right and left side. Tracy explained why she performed each test/exercise, what she was looking for, and what she found during each step of the examination process. Tracy set me up with a detailed exercise regiment and explained what to keep an eye on. I highly recommend Tracy!

…Rob, Melrose, MA